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From fundraising to volunteering, there are many ways you can have an impact on youth homelessness.


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Under 25 years old?

Visit our youth site for strategies to cope with challenges such as bullying, family problems and drugs.


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What We Do


Youth homelessness awareness and prevention presentations in schools across South Central Ontario so kids don't run to the streets.
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Crisis Care

Safe shelter, food, a warm bed and clean clothes treat the basic needs of kids in crisis so they can focus on recovering from whatever brought them to our doors.
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Counselling, onsite health care, pastoral care, drop-in centre and our mental health day program offer ongoing care for mind, body and spirit.
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Onsite high school, job preparation and training programs, life skills training and long-term residence prepare kids to make it on their own.
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After Care

Housing support, follow up calls and visits for kids moving into the community to support them as they transition into independence.
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Why Support Covenant House Toronto

As Canada's largest homeless youth agency, Covenant House Toronto changes lives by providing the widest range of services and support under one roof. A national leader, we educate and advocate for change to help at-risk and homeless youth.
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Covenant House sex-trafficking specialist wins Ontario Victim Services Award

Michele Anderson, Covenant House Toronto sex-trafficking specialist, who has spent more than 20 years supporting young victims, was among the recipients of today’s Ontario Attorney General’s Victim Services Awards of Distinction.
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Sleep Out: Next Generation 2015

On April 9, 2015, the next generation business and community leaders spent a night on the street to raise awareness and critical funds to support the life-changing work being done for homeless youth at Covenant House Toronto.
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Learning to live well

A loving parent prepares their kids for life in countless ways until they take those first steps out into the world. But most of our kids have had disrupted or damaging relationships with parents, so they never learned these careful, consistent lessons.
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Covenant House Kids

Crisis Shelter: Marco

Far from home

Marco’s dad was never a father to him. His dad lived in Toronto, while Marco grew up in Ecuador, immersed in the love of a large, close knit family–his mother, grandmother and three siblings. But at 18, he reluctantly left them to join his father in Canada in pursuit of a better life.
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Community Support: Nigel

From selling drugs to attending university

Earnest and thoughtful, with a touch of nervous vulnerability, Nigel’s gentle manner today is in poignant contrast to the hardened lifestyle he once led. Our staff remembers what he was like when he first arrived. Angry and closed, he was a tough kid who no one could touch. But there was something different about him that caught their attention.
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