Sleep Out: Women Unite

You give it your all in every waking moment, now try it in your sleep. Join us on Friday, May 26, 2017 for Sleep Out: Women Unite, the first all-women sleep out for Covenant House Toronto.

At-risk, homeless and trafficked youth are particularly vulnerable in our society. Often, through no fault of their own, they’ve been made to endure abuse and neglect. Then, after finally fleeing their situation, find themselves alone, desperate and with no place to call home. Imagine a kid that you know needing to go through this. It’s just not right.

We know that women have a unique strength that is rooted in the perseverance to break through barriers. It is that shared experience that makes us more powerful together.

We can direct that force today to help homeless kids move forward.

So on May 26, rise up! Join like-minded women and make a difference for homeless youth at Covenant House.

For more information about the event, visit:

Contact us

For information about the event, contact:

Stacey Carcao
Manager, Special Events
Covenant House Toronto
(647) 252-2531

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