Donor Information

Donor Bill of Rights

  1. All donors are entitled to receive appropriate acknowledgement and
    recognition. Donor requests to remain anonymous will be respected. Covenant House will contact those donors who meet our recognition criteria and have not yet made their recognition preference known to obtain their permission to be recognized. All donors are entitled to
    receive a thank you letter and an official receipt for income tax purposes for any gift of $10 or more or if requested.

  2. Covenant House will ensure that donor gifts are used for the purpose for which they were given.

  3. All fundraising solicitations by or on behalf of Covenant House will disclose our name and the purpose for which funds are requested.  Printed solicitations will also include our address or other contact information.

  4. Donors and prospective donors are entitled to the following upon request or by visiting Covenant House’s website

    • our most recent annual report (includes, mission, vision, strategic direction and budgets)
    • our charitable registration number
    • a list of the names of the Board of Directors
    • our donor privacy policy

  5. Donors are entitled to know whether an individual soliciting funds on
    behalf of Covenant House is a volunteer, an employee or a hired third party fundraising agency.

  6. Donors are encouraged to seek independent advice if Covenant House has any reason to believe that a proposed gift might significantly affect the donor's financial position or taxable income.

  7. The privacy of donors will be respected. Any donor records that are maintained by Covenant House will be kept confidential in accordance with our donor privacy policy.

  8. Covenant House does not sell its donor lists. It will honour the donor’s or prospective donor’s request to be:

    • excluded from mailings, telephone or email lists
    • limited in the frequency of mailings or other forms of contact, or removed from any contact list
    • excluded from exchanging their name with other reputable charities

  9. Donors and prospective donors will be treated in a professional and
    respectful manner.

  10. Covenant House will respond promptly to questions or complaints by a donor about any matter in a truthful and forthright manner.

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