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Problems that make you want to run

When youth run from home, there is usually a bad situation that they are escaping. Sometimes it seems like running away is the only way to make things better. But there are other solutions. Read below to learn more.

There are many reasons teens run away. Here is some information on common problems.

Abuse – If a parent, family member or other adult is being abusive (physically, emotionally or sexually), you may feel like running away. You should get help to stop the abuse. >>more

Domestic violence – Home may not seem like a safe place if there is a lot of fighting or violence. >>more  

Parent’s drinking or drug use – When a parent has a drinking or drug problem, it can make you feel helpless and unsafe. >>more 

Divorce, remarriage – Family changes, like when a parent splits or starts a new relationship, can make you feel unwanted and left out. >>more 

Conflicts with parents – If your parents are giving you a hard time about who you are, how you dress or who you date or hang out with, it may seem difficult to work out your differences. >>more 

Drinking or drug problem – If you are struggling with a drinking or drug problem, it may cause your parents to argue with you or kick you out. >>more 

Basic needs not being met – If you aren’t getting your basic needs, like food, safety and proper clothing, you might start to feel that you’d be better off on your own. >>more  

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