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Running away

Young people who run away or who are homeless can come from any background. They are male and female; rich and poor; and from every community. If you or a friend are thinking about running away or if you have been kicked out or are already homeless, Covenant House is a place that can help you.

Most youth run from what they feel are unbearable or unsolvable situations. They often run because they feel unsafe or unwelcome at home or at school. But when youth run to the streets, things go from bad to worse.

Sometimes teens have a temporary place to stay, like someone’s couch, but that doesn’t last long. There are adults that you may meet who will offer money or a good place to stay, but they often have their own reasons – maybe even to use you for sex or to help sell drugs.

On the street, you may find yourself scared, broke, tired, cold and hungry. You’ll find that it’s hard not to get beaten up. Panhandling, stealing, dealing drugs or trading sex for money or a place to stay are about the only ways to survive when you have no fixed address. 

Many teens who return home keep running away because their home, school or neighbourhood problems are just as bad as before. But if you or a friend are in a bad situation, there are much better options than running to the street. Email us at help@covenanthouse.ca and one of our counsellors will reply Monday to Friday, 9 to 5.

If you are in immediate danger, phone 911.

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