A little love on Valentine’s

Nastasha from NM Delights with a box of delicious marshmallow pops for our kids.

Valentine’s can be a difficult time for our kids. We were touched when a young professional baker, Nastasha, offered to make our kids 300 delectable Belgian chocolate marshmallow pops for the holiday. Her thoughtfulness meant so much to our kids who were delighted by the special treat.

Most of our kids have fled homes with abuse and neglect. When they come to Covenant House, they take on the challenge of building a life with a future. Our staff  supports them every step of the way. But the feeling of being alone and unloved is difficult to escape for kids who have been let down by so many people.

“By giving them Valentine’s treats, I want to let them know that there are people who care about them,” Nastasha said.

As a young person herself, Nastasha explains that she knows that a lot of people have struggles and challenges that could lead to homelessness. She wants to give back through her talents. “I can donate my time and my skills to people in need. I love helping people, and I will continue to help throughout my culinary career.”

Nastasha is a culinary management student at George Brown who will be graduating in the spring. Her passion is for baking and pastries. She also runs her own growing bakery business specializing in eye-popping cakes. Check out her stunning creations at www.nmdelights.com

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