A volunteer with vision: Angela Grovey helps young women reflect on their values

Angela Grovey, volunteer at Covenant House Toronto

Angela Grovey, volunteer at Covenant House Toronto

On a snowy January evening, several youth from our Lise Watier: This is Me! Program participated in a vision-boarding workshop. The event allowed for bonding between participants and for youth staying at Covenant House to build a sense of personal power and potential.

Hosted by Broadway artist and Covenant House volunteer, Angela Grovey, the workshop aimed to encourage young woman attendees to identify their core values, reflect on the previous year and set goals for 2019.

Grovey reflects on why she wanted to create this space: “As an artist, I believe words have power. Writing things down or speaking things into existence can be very effective. We are so attached to our phones and computers, sometimes that can block us from having a moment to dream or visualize things for ourselves.”

Bravery, acceptance, gratitude and family were popular values noted within the group. One youth shared that she has autism and felt outcast by her peers because of it. But she said the exercises helped her to accept herself and appreciate the important people in her life – her best friend, her family and her dog. Another youth who moved here from a different country expressed that family is important to her, and although they are far away, she wants to continue making an effort to reach out to them this year.

This workshop is the perfect example of what is offered in the Lise Watier This is Me! program. All year round, the program offers life skills workshops, discussion groups, female mentors and special outings. It also provides peer support and explores themes of personal growth to help young women recognize the value of their contributions.

To Grovey, activities like these are important, especially for youth: “I think that if you can embrace and nurture the way a woman feels, you have the capability of changing the world. Women are super humans. Sometimes we’re not dealt the same cards, but I think that if you empower a woman to think and be independent, you can change the world. I’m excited to dream alongside these young women.”

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