Business community steps up

Team Blackstone took home the first-place trophy at our first-ever Guts + Glory event. Andrew Lapham (centre) with (l to r): Marco D’Arienzo, Megan Pfrimmer, Bobbi Dodds-McTait and Geoff McTait.

Business professionals have rallied around our kids over the past few months. By participating in our experiential events and fundraising through their networks, members of the business community have demonstrated to our youth that they are worth investing in.

Our first-ever Covenant House Guts + Glory event invited corporate teams of six participants from the banking, legal and media sectors to tackle 10 challenges that tested speed, agility, strength and power over two hours at the Moss Park Armoury.

These ranged from rope climbs to relays and hurdles. Fundraising counted for one-third of their scores as they went for a championship trophy and endless bragging rights. Nineteen teams raised over $370,000.

“We are thrilled by the response we got from business people who were up for the competition,” says Bruce Rivers, our executive director. “It is so heartening to see that people want to get behind our kids as they strive for a better future. They certainly set the bar high for next year.”

At our Sleep Out events, business leaders and professionals sleep on the street with nothing but a sleeping bag and a piece of cardboard to get a small glimpse of the hardships youth can face on the street.

Over 70 of the city’s top executives and notables slept on the street at our Executive Sleep Out in November to raise over $1 million. This month, another 50 up-and-coming business professionals at our Sleep Out: Next Generation spent a sub-zero night during our recent cold snap.

“It is tremendously gratifying to see our next generation of leaders getting behind our youth and our agency,” says Bruce. “This kind of support is critical to our ability to provide the support and services our youth need to build better futures.”

Since last fall, these three special events have together raised nearly $1.7 million to support our life-changing programs.


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