HelpGivingFoodDay_thumbA day of hot, nutritious food can change a homeless kid’s life. On Tuesday, November 28, we are asking our supporters to mark Giving Tuesday by donating to help provide food to our youth. Together, we’re aiming to make it #GivingFoodDay.

As little as $10 provides food to a youth for one day at Covenant House. This could be the start of a new beginning.

In Canada, there are up to 7,000 youth without a home on any given night. These kids are often desperate, hungry, and driven only to survive. For them, a life of hope and promise feels like an impossible dream.

When kids come to us, the first thing we do is feed them. Food is one of the most powerful tools we have for building trust. When we give them three warm, hearty meals a day, we show them in a tangible way that someone cares for them. And when they aren’t worried about when their next meal will come, they can take those first tentative steps towards a better future like going back to school or finding a job.

#GivingFoodDay will take place on Giving Tuesday. Immediately following Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday is an international movement that asks individuals to give back to a cause that makes a difference to others.

To donate on #GivingFoodDay, please visit www.givingfoodday.ca



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