Grade 3 students help kids at Covenant House

Grade 3 students at Toronto’s Gateway Public School chose to help youth at Covenant House when their teacher challenged them to support those in need. In the process they learned that just because they’re young, it doesn’t mean they don’t have a voice.

The students’ fundraiser taught them philanthropy as well as entrepreneurial skills. A classroom “store” was set-up and the students stocked the shop with items they made themselves, like cards and hair accessories. Then, they were divided into groups and competed against each other, buying and selling their merchandise.

Thanks to a wrap-up bake sale, they surpassed their goal of $220, raising $250!

The school’s vice-principal, along with a few children, recently stopped by Covenant House to present us with their donation. Their beaming faces reflected their pride; they were thrilled to be able make even the smallest difference.

The children each wrote an inspiring letter to our kids, expressing their wishes for a brighter future, letting them know they care.

We are grateful to these wonderful students for their compassion and remarkable leadership.

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