Highlights from our donor survey

Survey Button on Computer KeyboardWe recently conducted an online survey of our donors to learn their opinions on the work we do and the future direction of our organization. We were so grateful to receive helpful and positive feedback from more than 1,000 of our donors.

We heard from our donors that 90% of them strongly value the fact that we welcome and serve all youth regardless of their backgrounds, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation or the circumstances that brought them to our doors. Donors feel that we meet an important and urgent need in the community.

Donors felt the programs that provide emergency services and ensure that the basic needs of our youth were met were most critical. This was closely followed by programs that provide a pathway for youth to become contributing members of society, such as our employment and education programs.

Donors appreciated that our most vulnerable youth received counselling and mental health services, as well as dedicated support for sex trafficking victims. Donors also valued our focus on continuing to expand our transitional and community housing to move more youth out of the crisis shelter sooner.

While donors did support our expansion of services, they cautioned us that we should be careful not to overextend ourselves and we should remain focused on our core programming.

Our donors shared that the impact of our work on the community was an important reason they chose to give. They rated our charity highly for professionalism, transparency and responsiveness. Most of the donors surveyed have been giving to us for over five years. The results of the survey were similar to the results of our last major donor survey in 2012.

This feedback will inform our new five-year strategic plan, which will direct the work we do. Without our donors, we would not be able to serve our youth, so we value their opinions highly. Thank you so much to those who participated. We are deeply thankful for the dedication, generosity and openness of all our donors.

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