Living up to his promise

Troy_thumbMalcolm spent a grueling three months on the street, sleeping in Internet cafes and 24-hour restaurants. In a desperate Internet search, he found Covenant House. He came to Canada in his early teens to live with his extended family. There was a lot of conflict in his family and he had been kicked out.

“In the beginning, Malcolm wasn’t focused enough to work,” explains his youth worker Mike. “He was in a shell when he first came here.” Malcolm had been alone on the street for awhile, so he was quiet and closed. While he lived in our crisis shelter, he did not like to share anything about himself. He broke curfew and rules about following a plan that involved school or work. Then one day, in an effort to motivate some of his youth, Mike told Malcolm and a few others to quickly dress up in interview clothes and print some resumes. They all “hit the pavement” together. That day, Malcolm found his job at a food retail store.

Gradually, Malcolm began to forge relationships with other staff and participate in more programs around Covenant House. A self-taught pianist, he spent a lot of time in our chapel where there is a keyboard. He took any chance he could to play piano or sing karaoke, and soon he was engaging with other staff and youth through music. He also joined our basketball club. He was becoming a leader in the Covenant House community.

With a steady job and a better outlook, Malcolm moved to our longer-term housing program Rights of Passage (ROP). In ROP, there are more expectations designed to prepare youth for living independently in the community. Youth get their own rooms and a shared common space in the bright and comfortable residence. They are expected to check in regularly, attend life skills workshops and share chores. Later curfews and other privileges are earned over time. As youth demonstrate that they are able to do well, they are given more independence, just like a caring parent might offer. He became an ambassador for the program and he learned all he could from the opportunity.

Today, Malcolm lives with roommates in the community and continues to work at the job he found with Mike. He continues to use our drop-in centre to touch base with our staff and shoot hoops with our basketball program. He also checks in with Mike to listen to music and talk about life.

Malcolm was thrilled when he was accepted into a Child & Youth Worker program and he is looking forward to starting college soon. “He’s grown up a lot,” Mike says. “I watched him grow into a young man.”

“I made some mistakes while in program, but staff was always willing to welcome me back with a fresh start,” Malcolm shares. “Looking back, it was the rules at Covenant House that now make it easier for me to work full time, be in a great relationship and maintain my own place.”

Malcolm recently sent Covenant House staff a heartfelt letter of thanks. “Since living at Covenant House, my goals in life have changed. The healthy relationships I’ve had there have played a huge part in building my self-confidence and self-esteem,” Malcolm wrote. “I hope to change lives one day, like the workers at Covenant House do every single day.”

12 thoughts on “Living up to his promise

  1. Hearing stories about people like Malcolm make me happy that my monthly contributions are making a difference.

    Continue the great work.

  2. Well done, Malcolm! You used the Covenant House programmes as a springboard to a better life. The challenges you’ve faced will give you perspective in your new career and I wish you every success. My investment in your future was well spent! Good luck, Pat

  3. I am so moved by Malcohm’s hopeful story and the wonderful support he has received from the programs and staff at Convenant House.
    Malcohm now has awareness of his own abilities and generous spirit… this is a gift to all of us in the larger community.
    I send you praise and well wishes for more of the same.

    • Covenant House Toronto

      Thank you so much. We are so proud of Malcolm and all our youth.

  4. Thank you for the stories of youth who are benefiting from your program. As a retired social worker I am so glad that my small monthly contribution helps to maintain this faith based program. We may be the hands on earth but God performs the miracles in these precious lives. Merry Christmas to all at covenant house Great work Malcolm. Keep it up. Myrta

    • Covenant House Toronto

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Myrta! Have a Merry Christmas from us!

  5. it is good to say thank you Malcolm may good Lord Bless You!

  6. First I must say, my congratulations to the Management and staff at Covenant House for the love and care giving to every person that comes through their doors.

    All stories giving by the youths are very interesting and encouraging. I am very happy and
    proud of Malcolm,pray the Lord will continue to bless him at all times as he continue to
    spread the good news about Covenant house and himself.

    I am so glad to be a sponsor of Covenant House.
    God bless you all.


  7. Covenant house, me and my wife, Marissa, read Malcolm’s story and wept into our hands. We hate that so many youngsters have to live on the streets every day. But we love covenant house is trying to help. Thanks for sharing this wonderfully life changing story with u and our dogs, Honey and Bilbo.

    • Covenant House Toronto

      Thank you so much for your kind comment and for supporting our youth. It means a great deal to us.

  8. Malcom’s story moved me. I was once sad and homeless like him, i was 7-17 back then, but when i turned 18, i bought the winning lottery ticket and became a less poor person, and got a job in New Jersey. Thank you for helping others like me. The dogos and CATZ of the world smile down upon you, (i’m of a different religen)
    Calvin Ramona Styles, Marcia (my cat) Darcia(my other cat) Rarcia (my dogo) and Harcia (my other dogo)

  9. i feel sooo bad for all these young ones, and peopel of all ages on the street, i will try my best to help those in need, i sadly can not relate to this story, cause i never lived on the streets. but there has been those times where i lost my job and could not find one.

    hope yous all have a great day!

    -Storm, Maple(my dog), Barny(my other dog), and Racrada(my other dog)
    also waffle doggos are life!
    (Waffle doggos are bron dogs)

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