National hotline petition for trafficking victims

Youngtraffickingvictim_thumbThanks to the tremendous support of people like you who care about our youth, we recently delivered a petition with over 18,000 signatures to the Prime Minister calling for a national hotline to help victims of sex trafficking.

We urged the federal government, in partnership with the Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking, to establish a Canada-wide hotline to help victims and better combat this heinous crime. The hotline would connect community agencies that provide victim services and assist law enforcement.

Canada is the only country in North America that currently lacks a hotline. While the federal government has taken steps to combat trafficking, we asked that they take a greater leadership role by establishing this vital resource to aid victims across the country and prevent greater victimization.

Most human trafficking cases in Canada involve the sex trafficking of local girls, and this is a growing public issue. Nearly 90 percent of victims are female and as young as 13 years old. Research shows that 42 percent of victims were trafficked before the age of 18 years.

Right now, unsuspecting young women and girls are being sold for sex by predators who control them through violence, drugs and intimidation. A hotline would provide them a chance to get specialized assistance quickly, so they can have an opportunity to escape.

We plan to follow up with the government on the hotline and provide expertise when possible. We will also continue to seek new ways to support and advocate for homeless and trafficked youth at all levels of government.


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