New channels for raising awareness

The work we do at Covenant House to fight sex trafficking takes an integrated approach. In addition to providing support services to survivors, we conduct research and raise awareness to combat myths and misunderstandings around this pervasive and challenging issue.

In 2019, we decided to take a new angle on raising awareness by running a series of interactive Facebook Live sessions. We did this to reach even more people – across all channels, we reach over 40,000 followers. This format also provides a unique way to communicate our vital work with survivors.pervasive and challenging issue.

The first session, called “The Realities of Sex Trafficking in Canada” featured Covenant House Executive Director Bruce Rivers and Julie, our Manager of anti-human trafficking. The broadcast looked at common myths around the issue of trafficking, and the ways it takes place in Canada.

Our second session, “Sex Trafficking: From the Frontlines” features the wisdom, expertise and lived experience of three frontline staff at Covenant House, all who run different but complementary programs.

The third session, “Disrupting the Risk of Trafficking through Dialogue” shared tips and information with concerned parents and guardians. It featured our in-house Prevention manager, and Rhonelle Bruder, trafficking survivor, advocate and parent.

Our next Facebook Live session will take place on May 31. We will be joined by Barb Gosse from the Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking, and she will be speaking about the new national anti-trafficking hotline that will be launching soon.

We’d love if you joined us! If you aren’t on Facebook, we will be sharing the videos across Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn after the live broadcast, so please stay tuned.


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