New website offers a better glimpse into Covenant House

NewwebsitethumbOur new website presents a closer look at the work we do for the young people we serve. Explore our site at our new address,

As Canada’s largest homeless youth agency, we offer so much more than a crisis shelter and our new website reflects the breadth of our programming. Every program is given a full description that will offer visitors a sense of the size and scope of our organization. Our site explains how we serve the diverse needs of our youth at every point along their journeys to independence.

“The website provides the feeling of a virtual tour of the house,” says Josie do Rego, director of development and communications. “When we take people through Covenant House, they are always surprised by all the services we offer our kids. We wanted our site to give visitors that same feeling.”

The site also expands on our growing advocacy efforts with all levels of government on issues affecting our youth, such as prostitution and child welfare reform.

Along with our redesigned website, we launched our new blog at Our e-newsletter articles are located on the blog. We will also be featuring new profiles of our kids, as well as updates on our programs, events and advocacy work. We look forward to showcasing blog posts from our staff in the coming weeks as well. They will give a personal perspective on the unique joys and challenges of working with homeless youth.

We would love to hear from you. Please let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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