Sex trafficking in hotels

Traffickinginhotels_thumbsSex trafficking is a serious issue that is happening in plain sight in our communities…if you know how to look for it. Hotel staff are often working on the frontlines where many young girls are being trafficked, but they do not always recognize it.

We have launched a unique new program that is coaching the hospitality industry to identify victims and respond effectively.

Our expert facilitator teaches front desk, housekeeping, administration staff and others to recognize warning signs, consider scenarios and work out safe strategies in a collaborative environment.

“There is no single solution to stopping this crime,” says Suzie Tarlattini, Prevention and Awareness Team Supervisor. “But we’re confident that awareness and training are part of it.”

In hotels, staff may frequently come across instances of trafficking or luring and this can be a critical point of intervention. Most hotel staff are trained to keep observations of guest activity to themselves and respect their privacy. But with deepened awareness and informed action, hospitality staff are empowered to be defenders of trafficking victims.

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