Sex trafficking

At Covenant House, we will often hear a young girl in our care recount how she was convinced or coerced by her boyfriend to sell herself for sex. Soon, he trades romance for violence and she is terrified to leave. Our four-minute sex trafficking awareness video below is a dramatization of Amy’s experience, a young woman forced into prostitution by a trafficker she thought was her boyfriend.

We have launched an online petition urging the Ontario government to better coordinate its efforts to combat this heinous crime and we are asking all our supporters to sign now. To sign this petition, please click here>

Today, sex trafficking arrests are happening in small towns and big cities all across our country. We are seeing more girls who need our support as a result of these arrests. In fact, we have served 46 girls this past year–more than twice as many victims than the previous year. Increasingly, we have seen more young, local, middle-class girls.

Traffickers follow a familiar pattern of psychological manipulation and control that includes luring, seducing, grooming, and then terrorizing victims. They even withhold food and sleep if their victims don’t meet their daily “quotas”.

Victims exiting sex trafficking are often pulled back in out of fear and desperation, so it is essential that their needs are met in the community. Since they often were trafficked from a young age, they usually have major gaps in their life skills and education.

Stable housing, access to addiction and mental health counselling, access to employment and education programs, survivor peer support, mentorship and frequent check-ins from consistent workers are critical to ensure that victims do not relapse. To learn more about sex trafficking, click here.

With more than 30 years’ experience providing hands-on services to young victims of sex trafficking, we have been increasing our services to victims and our advocacy efforts around the issue.

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