CovenantHouseSpeaker_thumbStudents are learning about the dangers of luring and sex trafficking from Trafficked, a school presentation for Grades 7 to 12 delivered by our school facilitators throughout the Greater Toronto Area. The presentation was first offered last year and has already been presented to almost 6,000 youth.

Trafficked presents sex trafficking as a domestic issue, impacting our communities and our young people. The interactive presentation describes how victims, usually teens just like the students, are lured online, in malls and from schoolyards to be trafficked.

Students learn that youth from any background, most often girls and sometimes as young as age 13, are lured by predators often posing as romantic partners or friends. They are given signs to watch for if they are being groomed for exploitation, tools to protect themselves, and ways to help friends in that situation.

With a dynamic talk, a video, resources and an open floor for questions, the presentation has been a well-received by students that saw it in its inaugural year. Some youth have come forward to ask if some disturbing personal experiences were exploitative.

“Many of the students seem surprised and recognize some troubling patterns in their own circles and experiences,” says Fiona Jack, Sex Trafficking Prevention Trainer. “We have been pleased with the response to the presentations. We’re looking forward to speaking to even more students this coming school year.”

Covenant House Toronto will also be launching a training program for the hospitality industry to help them prevent and recognize sex trafficking incidents in their establishments.

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2 thoughts on “Trafficked

  1. I hope you reach the masses with your message and education on this very disturbing and despicable reality in Canada and around the world. My daughter was a victim and I want to yell at the top of every mountain that it is a real issue and education is so very important. Young boys and girls need to learn the signs. Good for you all. God bless

    • Covenant House Toronto

      Thank you so much for reaching out and sharing. We are hopeful that speaking to students will make a real difference.

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