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Children and Youth Services Minister Michael Coteau announces changes to Ontario’s Child, Youth and Family Services Act.

We were honoured to host two recent Ontario government announcements that will support our youth. The Province announced plans to prevent youth 16 to 17, struggling in difficult family situations, from becoming homeless by raising the age of protection. They also pledged to better serve young victims of sex trafficking through a number of initiatives.

The proposal to raise the age of protection from 16 to 18, included in the plans to change provincial child and youth services, is critical. Once approved, youth in this age group not involved with Children’s Aid, will be eligible for much needed help.

The province’s coordinated and focused approach to address sex trafficking is a step in the right direction. Ontario will invest up to $72 million in an anti-human trafficking strategy aimed at increasing awareness and coordination, enhancing justice-sector initiatives and improving survivors’ access to services.

We strongly advocated for both raising the age of protection and additional anti-sex-trafficking investment through petitions, letters and statements. We are thrilled that the government has heard many of our recommendations.

We will continue to advocate for our youth on the issues that impact them at all levels of government.


2 thoughts on “Welcome announcements

  1. A big thank you to all who work at Covenant House on behalf of our youth. I am pleased to see that the age for government support is to be raised to 18 years.
    I also observe that 19 year olds to 21 and older, may need continuing support. Also, those18 year olds who have been discharged from foster care may indeed feel isolated and are at risk.
    I am a retired C.H.N., Graduate of The Hospital for Sick Children School of Nursing (Class of 1954) and U of T School of Nursing (1957) Widow of Rev. Tom Little, Anglican Priest; Mother of four and Grandmother of eight. As a friend of Covenant House, I would like to volunteer, also be contacted to sign petitions.

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