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Impact Report 2018

As we conclude the first year of our 2018-2022 strategic plan, we continue to build on the momentum of the last five years by deepening our work in several strategic areas, including long-term housing. With this plan and the compassion of donors and partners like you, we are primed to build on the success we’ve achieved. Visit our digital Impact Report to learn more.

Click here for our 2014 – 2018 Charity Information Returns on the Canadian Revenue Agency website.

2018 Financial Statements (PDF 576 KB)

2017 Annual Report (PDF 1.6 MB)

2017 Financial Statements (PDF 532)

2016 Annual Report (PDF 2.8 MB)

2016 Financial Statements (PDF 627)

2015 Annual Report (PDF 1.8 MB)

2015 Financial Statements (PDF 546 KB)

2014 Annual Report (PDF 5 MB)

2014 Financial Statements (PDF 497 KB)

2013 Annual Report (PDF 1.1 MB)

2013 Financial Statements (PDF 182 KB)

2013 Charity Information Return (PDF 366 KB)

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