Food & Clothing Bank

Hundreds of kids a year rely on our food and clothing bank to meet their basic needs. These kids are either still on the street, or living independently but struggling to cover all their living expenses. It can be extremely challenging for young people to earn enough money to live in a city like Toronto and they need extra help. Some of the kids who use our food bank have children themselves and are doing whatever it takes to make sure they are cared for.

Our food and clothing bank also has essential hygiene products and baby supplies. Our food bank is open once a week for youth living in the community to come and fill up a shopping bag each. At the end of every week, the shelves are stripped clean and we begin again the task of filling them up. Our food and clothing bank relies on donations from the community. We are a grateful recipient of food from the Daily Bread Food Bank, as well as from individuals and businesses.

Teenagers are always hungry

Teenagers have faster metabolisms because they are growing so rapidly. Teens require more calories than adults and during growth spurts, it seems like they just can’t get enough food.

Homeless youth are just like every other teenager except for one difference—they don’t always get to eat. Most homeless and impoverished youth miss at least one meal a day. This can significantly impact their mental wellness, as well as their physical health.

Because Covenant House deals exclusively with youth between the ages of 16 and 24, food is vital. Food is available through every single program we offer and our goal is to ensure that every youth in contact with us can focus on the road ahead rather than on trying to find food.

Food is a powerful tool for establishing trust with a young person. Many of our youth have never been well cared for by an adult, so trust is difficult. It is critical that they trust us, so we can help them on the path to independence. By consistently giving them the food they need, youth realize that they can count on us to care for them. It is then that they allow us to offer the help they need for a brighter future.

Clothing basics for Toronto’s street kids

At any given time in Toronto, there are kids living full time on the street. These kids don’t have access to food, clean clothes or even a bathroom. When these kids come into our drop-in centre, they are given a meal, clean socks and underwear, and a hot shower.

Street kids don’t want to be dirty. When kids live in their clothes, sleep in their shoes and have no access to laundry, their socks and undergarments become unwearable. We rely on the clothing in our clothing bank to give our kids dignity and to let them know that people care about them.

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