Imagine Canada Accreditation

We are accredited under Imagine Canada’s national Standards Program. With this achievement, we join a growing community of organizations dedicated to operational excellence.

The Standards Program is a Canada-wide set of shared standards for charities and nonprofits designed to strengthen practices in five fundamental areas: board governance; financial accountability and transparency; fundraising; staff management; and volunteer involvement.

Trust is at the foundation of what matters to us, those who support us and our stakeholders. This designation enables us to demonstrate our commitment to excellence to earn that trust.

The goals of Imagine Canada’s Standards Program are to increase the transparency of charities and nonprofits, and to strengthen public confidence in individual organizations and the sector as a whole.

Our policies and procedures in the five areas of compliance were evaluated by a group of volunteers from the sector, and were found to be compliant with the Standards Program.

You can read more about this accreditation on the Imagine Canada site. If you have any questions, please contact

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