Individualized Plan

We assess the overall health of kids in need who come to our shelter within their first week. Along with treating immediate concerns, our nurses identify three to five long-term health goals for the youth and agree on an achievable plan with the youth. For example, they may work on better nutrition, less anxiety, better asthma control or fewer headaches.

All residents at Covenant House work with a youth worker to create and follow a plan that includes work or school. Their workers are in contact with the nurses to ensure that health concerns, limitations and goals are also reflected in the youth’s plan.

Through an electronic medical record system, we have access to the youth’s medical records at other inner city youth clinics. This allows us to offer coordinated care like safe prescriptions and better follow-up when they visit other clinics and specialists in the community. With our kids, this is especially important, since they may have more difficulty communicating their issues and medical history.

Our caring nurses build a rapport with our youth that often lasts beyond their stay at Covenant House.

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