is it time to update your will?

Take the following true/false quiz to see how well your plans meet your current needs.

  1. I have a will or other legal arrangement for distributing my property.
  2. I have not retired from full-time employment since last reviewing my affairs.
  3. My marital status has not changed since I last reviewed my plans.
  4. My friends and charitable interests are included as I wish in my plans.
  5. I have named a guardian for minor children or other dependents, if necessary.
  6. The persons I have named to handle the distribution of property through my will are still able and willing to serve.
  7. I have a power of attorney or other plan for the handling of my affairs should I ever be unable to do so.
  8. My charitable wishes have not changed since I last updated my will or other plans.

If you answered “false” to any questions, you may wish to update your will with your professional advisor.

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