Pastoral Support

Young people come to us from every religious background. For those who seek spiritual comfort, our pastoral minister offers guidance.

Connecting with our pastoral minister is voluntary. For youth who are interested, she engages our youth to help them to explore values, such as tolerance, community involvement or asking life’s larger questions. Our chapel, which is a sanctuary to our kids, is a beautiful and welcoming space.

We also conduct memorial services and have a memorial wall for our youth—victims of the street that tragically passed away.

Inspired by our Catholic values of charity and compassion, we honour the diversity of our youth, staff and supporters. Our pastoral minister conducts and organizes religious services and observances of all major faiths, including regular Catholic mass. Our pastoral minister works with a variety of religious groups to help kids connect to their faith. Getting back in touch with their religious community often helps young people reintegrate into society.

Our pastoral minister also lends support by counselling youth and accompanying them to medical and other appointments upon their request.

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