What We Do

When youth come to our doors, we offer them a range of programs and services for wherever they are on the path to independence.

While most of our youth have experienced abuse, neglect, loss and hardship, their needs when they come to us can be as diverse as they are. They may be in an emotional crisis and need a lot of stability and support to heal. They may feel ready to take on the future, but need guidance and opportunity.

Crisis Shelter

Our crisis shelter offers food, a safe, warm bed, counselling and access to all our programs.
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Job Centre

We give kids the tools they need to find a job and work towards a sustainable income.
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Onsite School

Our school offers credits in compulsory subjects in a flexible learning environment. We have a program for youth up to 21 and an adult ed. program for youth up to 24.
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School Presentations

We offer youth homelessness and trafficking prevention and awareness presentations by expert facilitators to students, Grades 6 to 12, across Toronto and the GTA.
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BensKids Health Centre

Our onsite clinic offers compassionate care to heal the physical and psychological tolls of the street. When kids live on the street, they are unable to plan beyond the next meal, so healthcare is not a priority until the need is great.
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Job Training Programs

Our culinary arts training program, Cooking for Life, is achieving remarkable success at setting homeless youth on a fulfilling, sustainable career path. Students learn in our commercial teaching kitchen, and then complete a placement in a restaurant.
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Support Services

We offer youth who are not staying with us access to many services, such as a food and clothing bank, housing support and counselling. Many of these youth are still living on the street, while others have already moved on to independence and just need a little extra help.
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Transitional Housing

Our longer-term, transitional housing services provide an opportunity for youth to stay in a stable, supported environment as they learn to live independently. Our transitional housing includes an onsite residential program that we call CIBC Rights of Passage (ROP), apartments in the community and The Rogers Home for young, female victims of sex trafficking.
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Mental Health Programs

Arts and Minds, our day program for youth with mental health challenges, is a warm and welcoming place for kids to work towards healing and stability. The innovative program uses art therapy, as well as other hands-on activities like cooking and gardening. Counselling is an integral part of each day.
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Success stories

Cooking for her life

When Sophie’s mom was angry at the world, it was Sophie who would suffer. Her mom was overwhelmed and alone with six kids.
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Gift Catalogue

Helping Street Kids

Give a meaningful gift of food, shelter, job training and more through the Street Kids Gift Catalogue.
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