Community Apartments

Our rent-reduced community apartments give youth, 18 to 24, who are ready to move forward, the opportunity to live on their own for up to a year.

Youth are selected from other Covenant House programs if they show a commitment to progress towards independence. Youth who receive apartments must be employed and doing well.

Although they live on their own, youth must check in with staff regularly. Our youth workers meet with them in their community and visit them at their apartments to make sure they are settling in comfortably and managing their responsibilities. They provide guidance to the youth on work, school, health, personal relationships, independent living and anything else the youth wishes to discuss.

Youth must also attend life skills workshops at Covenant House such as budgeting, laundry tips or frugal grocery shopping.

The apartments in the program are provided by property management and development companies who have partnered with us. Youth pay about one-third of the market rate. The apartments are clean and bright, which inspires the youth to take pride in their home and maintain their commitment to the program.


Our workers ensure each youth is settled into their new place. We help them get to know their building and their new neighbourhood. We also provide furniture and household items that they can keep.

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