Give today to help a kid get off the street

When Nicole was just five years old her mother would kick her out on the street so she could be alone with her boyfriend.

"I was terrified out in the dark," Nicole recalls.

Give today and change the life of a homeless youth like Nicole.

"You have to try to stay awake and always be on your guard for people who will take advantage of you. Even when you doze off, you feel stress," Nicole explains. Nicole did not choose this life for herself.

Covenant House helps thousands of kids like Nicole every year. As Canada's largest homeless youth agency we provide the most services under one roof. Covenant House has a 94 bed crisis shelter, a 28 room long-term transitional housing program, an in-house high school, an on-site health care clinic and so much more. When kids know they are safe, they can focus on their future.

But we need your support to continue helping kids like Nicole who have no one to turn to.

Give today and change the life of a homeless youth like Nicole.


When you give monthly to Covenant House, you are making a commitment to kids who have been let down my so many of the adults in their lives.


When you donate to Covenant House, your support goes directly towards providing safe shelter, food, counselling and life-changing programs for homeless kids to move from a life on the street to a life with a future.

Three meals and two snacks a day keep kids healthy and focused
A safe, warm and clean bed of their own makes kids secure
  Compassionate care for immediate and long-term health
Helping kids finish high school and prepare for a brighter future
  Giving kids real world experience and putting them on a job path

There is a solution

The street is a dangerous and often deadly place. Desperate and alone, kids are easy prey for those who wait to lure them into a life of drugs, prostitution, crime and violence.

83% of our revenue comes from donations from individuals. Because of people like you, our doors are open 24 hours a day to youth 16 to 24 regardless of race, religion and sexual orientation or the reason they need help. We offer street kids unconditional love and guidance without judgment. We value them so they can learn to value themselves.

Make a difference and donate today.