Our Principles


Kids come to us in crisis, desperately needing help. We provide for their basic human needs - food, clothing, a shower and medical attention - immediately.


Kids who are trying to get off the street are often scared and mistrustful. We protect our kids from violence and degradation by providing them safety.

Communicating Values

By setting an example, we show our youth that wholesome, caring relationships are based on trust, respect and honesty.


Street life is unstable and unpredictable. We provide structure and a reasonable set of expectations to give our kids a chance to focus on their future.


We help our youth make positive choices. We give them the encouragement they need to believe in themselves and to change.

Making a Promise

The cornerstone of our approach is the “covenant”. We promise to care for and support every youth. In return, our youth must commit to follow a plan and work towards goals.
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Fostering Resiliency

We use a model for building resiliency in our youth. It was developed by Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg, based on his extensive research and experience at Covenant House.
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Success stories

A moving day

With entry-level wages and no family support, Jason worried that an independent life would be impossible.
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Helping Street Kids

Give a meaningful gift of food, shelter, job training and more through the Street Kids Gift Catalogue.
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