Transitional Housing

Our longer-term, transitional housing services provide an opportunity for youth to stay in a stable, supported environment as they learn to live independently.

Our transitional housing includes an onsite residential program that we call CIBC Rights of Passage (ROP), as well as apartments in the community. Youth in ROP may be ready to move on from the crisis shelter, but may be younger or have higher needs than youth who move out to the community. They may still need a chance to practice life skills before moving on. Youth selected for community apartments have demonstrated that they are prepared for a “real life” experience of independence.

Some youth may start their journey in ROP and then move to one of our community apartments.

Both programs offer young people the support they need to succeed, including life skills training and access to all of our other services.

Structured for success

Our youth workers develop strong relationships with the kids in our transitional housing programs. Much like a supportive parent, they get to know each youth well and tailor their approach. Expectations are high for our kids. They must stick to a plan that includes work, school or an alternative day program.

Youth workers check in with the youth frequently to ensure that they are doing alright and getting the support they need. They let kids know they believe in them. Kids are motivated to succeed, because of the caring guidance they receive.


Onsite residence

Our onsite program, CIBC Rights of Passage, enables youth, 16 to 24, to build life skills in a communal environment.
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Community apartments

Our rent-reduced community apartments give youth, 18 to 24, the opportunity to live on their own.
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The Rogers Home

The Rogers Home is a specialized transitional housing program for young, female victims of sexual exploitation and sex trafficking.
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The Avdell Home

This new home, the first of its kind in Toronto, will serve the needs of young women aged 16 - 24, leaving difficult situations.
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Life skills

Our varied life skills workshops are offered weekly. We offer practical workshops, such as budgeting, laundry tips or frugal grocery shopping, along with wellness topics like confidence-building or relaxation techniques. The newly renovated kitchen in our Rights of Passage program area provides a place for youth in the transitional housing programs to cook and take cooking workshops.


Our mentor program matches youth in our transitional housing programs with adult role models who provide positive life and career advice or just a listening ear. Mentors meet with the youth about twice a month in the community where they enjoy everyday outings and social activities. The program helps our youth establish valuable relationships and improve their decision-making skills. Youth can connect regularly with their mentors through phone, text or email.

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Success stories

Cooking for her life

When Sophie’s mom was angry at the world, it was Sophie who would suffer. Her mom was overwhelmed and alone with six kids.
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Helping Street Kids

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